D2r Shadow Turbo Trainer


Integrating A Trainer Into Your Cycling Exercise Program Can Pay Big Benefits. The D2r Shadow Turbo Trainer Is An Excellent Option. Cycling Malaysia Takes A Look At The D2r Shadow.

For many cyclists, there comes a time when real life just gets in the way of cycling and training. Sometimes getting away for the 2 or 3 hours necessary for a good training session, or a simple ride, just isn’t possible, or convenient. This is where investing in a trainer comes in. There are many types of trainers in the market, all touting various benefits. Each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The D2R Shadow combines the plus points of trainers that most riders require, putting it together in a value for money package. For riders looking to lose weight, improve their fitness or work on specific areas in their training program, the D2R Shadow allows them to do this in the comfort of their home, at any time that is convenient to them.

The D2R shadow is hefty, pulling it out of the box. Weighing in at 25 kg, the all steel welded construction provides a sturdy footing for mounting the bike. The weight is something required of trainers, as it prevents unwanted movement. Stiff rubber blocks give the trainer a steady base, and minimizing the amount of noise and vibration. The frame legs fold and unfold with a locking mechanism. The footprint of the trainer is slightly bigger than normal, but that is the price to pay for a stable design. The D2R is designed to fold into a small profile package, allowing it to be stored away when not in use, without taking up a lot of space. This is good for homes where there isn’t a lot of storage space, such as apartments.

Most trainers will come with a roller driving a flywheel, where the rear tyre makes direct contact with the roller. This naturally causes tyre wear, and is a matter of some concern, since tyres, especially racing tyres, aren’t cheap. The D2R gets around this by mounting a cassette on a hub directly on the flywheel. To mount the bike to the D2R, the rear wheel is removed, and the chain looped around the D2R’s cassette. There are cassettes available in 9,10 and 11 speeds to suit the current bike’s groupset. The bike is then secured in place with a quick release. This eliminates any sort of tyre wear. The flywheel on the D2R weighs 5.9 kg, giving a riding experience close to the resistance felt when riding on the road or trail.

One of the biggest advantages of the D2R is its ‘swing’ motion. The trainer pivots in its mounting, allowing for a more natural cycling ‘feel’ in response to the rider’s movements on the bike. One of the biggest complaints about trainers is that they feel too rigid and unnatural. The D2R’s swing eliminates that, and at the same time allows stress to be moved from the bike’s frame to the trainer itself.

The D2R Shadow’s flywheel provides resistance through magnetic induction, allowing the rider to vary the resistance in response to the effort put in at the crank. It also facilitates a key feature of the D2R, Electronic Resistance Control, which is available on the wireless version. Using Bluetooth connectivity, and an app call “Run on Earth”, a rider can select a route by placing 2 points on a Google Earth map, or any other route that can be plotted on the map, such as a KOM challenge or a Tour de France stage. The trainer’s resistance changes in accordance with the elevation of the route, simulating the riding experience at home. While the wired version lets the resistance be set between 8 to 800 watts, the wireless version sets resistance using the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Noise levels are barely noticeable because of the magnetic induction flywheel of the D2R Shadow. This is a prime consideration when training at late hours, or in apartment blocks, where sound can travel. It also avoids disturbing other members of the household who may not want to hear the whirring of the fan that some trainers use to provide resistance.

Providing a natural riding ‘feel’, with low noise, an easy to store folding footprint in a value for money package, there is a lot to recommend the D2R Shadow Turbo trainer for the cyclists who want to improve on their training in the comfort of their home. www.cyclingexpress.com

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