Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin: What makes it so special?


Every year, we look forward to celebrating Hari Kemerdekaan (Independence Day) and Malaysia Day. In addition to it being a public holiday, enthusiastic cyclists would take this golden opportunity to explore places by biking or get a thrill out of riding with friends on these special days.

Malaysia is assuredly a beautiful country to cycle around. While cycling in itself has amazing benefits, biking with a bunch of friends, especially with a purpose, increases the value of each of those points.

Hari Kemerdekaan and Malaysia Day are just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the nation’s 61 years of independence and establishment of the Malaysian federation with everyone else who shares a common interest? If you haven’t had a plan, Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin could be considered on your to-do list!

But what makes it so special?

1. Kayuhan Merdeka is organized by the same organizer as Kayuhan Negaraku.

Kayuhan Negaraku has been favoured by many people where two editions were held in the year 2017. Having successfully promoted unity through the event, Kayuhan Merdeka similarly aims to develop a positive and strong community identity and strengthen national unity. The togetherness created through cycling has highly been encouraged and promoted over the years. Like cycling, it helps us to learn from each other’s culture and bring them together, albeit coming from different cultural backgrounds.

2. Kayuhan Merdeka is a non-competitive event.

Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin is a fun ride event. Not having any competitive element in it, participants will be fully enjoying the day, be it biking in a group or with family makes for a more delightful and meaningful ride. Additionally, the total distance of Kayuhan Merdeka is 35km, a just-nice mileage for cyclists who simply want to have fun, at the same time, make new friends and create amazing moments to remember.

3. Kayuhan Merdeka will be held in conjunction with Independence Day and Malaysia Day.

The Independence Day celebration is a glorious and prestigious annual event with different themes and programmes held during the auspicious month. Besides that, Malaysia Day falls just 16 days after Hari Kemerdekaan, Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin will be a remarkable day to make great memories.

4. Kayuhan Merdeka will take you around Jasin, Melaka.

Malaysia is already a special and unique country with diverse and rich cultural heritage. Every place in the country offers imaginative possibilities. It is not easy to envision visiting a whole new state because, in Malaysia, every state has its own beauty and identity. Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin will be kickstarted at Majlis Perbandaran Jasin. Riding around Jasin means exploring new routes. Put them together and you will expand your options for breathtaking sceneries to enjoy from the seat of your bike.

On top of that, there are a number of exciting things to do in Jasin. From adventurous activities, cultural attractions to historical sites, you are welcome to explore the exhaustive list of all other local spots in Jasin. Highlights of Jasin include Jasin Agricultural Museum, Jasin Hot Springs, Jasin Extreme Park and more.

5. Kayuhan Merdeka will be giving you a chance to bring home attractive prizes.

Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin will be giving away lucky draw prizes worth up to RM15,000 at the end of the event. What’s more? Grand prizes including television and motorcycle will be awaiting you to win!

Kayuhan Merdeka Jasin will be held on 8th September 2018! Together, we celebrate diversity and unity.

Time: 7.00am
Venue: Jasin, Melaka
Distance: 35km Fun Ride
Registration fee: RM35
Registration Close Date: 25th August 2018
Contact number: 017-6107002 (Hairudin), 019-3610584 (Farah)

For more info and registration, please log onto:



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