With Love I Ride: Two Years On Two Wheels

19 November 2017 - Peter departed from home early in the morning at Puchong Malaysia to begin his 2 year adventure.

Two years, two wheels and too many stories. That’s the summary of my life now. I am Peter Yoong, a 57-year-old avid cyclist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, currently on a two-year solo cycling tour around the world.

I started my journey from Kuala Lumpur in November 2017 and my adventure will take me through Asia, Europe, and North America before ending back where I started in November 2019.

Kohalpur, Nepal: Three lovely children stopped me to present me a Nepali flag as a welcome gift to their small town.

My Passion for Cycling

It all started in 1982 when I did my first cycling tour. I cycled from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi in 21 days. Bicycle touring was introduced to me by my good friend and scoutmaster Najib Abdullah. My first tour was such an exciting and adventurous journey that I fell in love with it instantly.

Every time I’m on a bicycle, I feel so free to explore. I am in full control of my traveling pace. It is much easier to visit, approach and interact with the locals as compared to traveling in a car. I enjoy the freedom I have to journey to remote, off-the-beaten-track areas. The bicycle does not need petrol. It is easy to maintain and is environmentally friendly. Cycling is also good for my health.

My bicycle at Attabad Lake, Pakistan
Morning sunrise at a desert campsite near Shetpe, Kazakhstan.

Someone once told me that in order to cycle long distance, I must be very strong and possess good stamina. I believe that it is not my physical strength, but my passion for cycling and the joy that come with it that keeps me going.

Cycling + Fundraising = ‘With Love I Ride’

As part of my two-year cycling tour, I wanted to do something special. I decided I want to raise funds for vulnerable children. I know that as one person, I cannot do much. But if I can generate enough support from others, especially the cycling community across the globe, we can do so much more together. So, I did my research on many charitable organizations with a good track record, financial transparency, and sustainable development programmes. World Vision Malaysia (WVM) came out top on my list.

‘With Love I Ride’ is the name of my tour. I hope to raise RM80,000 for WVM’s Education Fund. All my tour’s expenses are fully self-funded so all donations received will be directed to WVM.

Children who could not attend school due to poverty receive free education supported by World Vision India.

Encounter with working school-age boy in Myanmar

Throughout my time in Myanmar in (January 2018), I noticed most of the labor-intensive jobs in restaurants, hotels, grocery shops and farms are held by children. I also learned that in Myanmar, due to financial instability, most children have to work to help support their family. Receiving an education in Myanmar is a privilege and not a priority.

One afternoon, I pulled over at a restaurant for lunch and immediately noticed that it was fully run by children and teenagers – from cooking to preparing drinks, from taking orders to washing dishes. The only adult was an elderly man, whom I presumed was the owner, who was attending to the cash register.

It was really disheartening to see the children working a full-time job when they should be in school. I believe education is important for these children if they want to break from the cycle of poverty.

A school in a small village at Kawkareik, Myanmar.

Every child deserves an education

World Vision believes that every child deserves to be able to read and write, enjoy safe and healthy learning environments, and be equipped to reach their full potential. Do join me in giving children in need a chance to receive an education. Make a donation at my personal fundraising page: https://www.simplygiving.com/withloveiride

A school for special needs children (slow learner or autistic) supported by World Vision India.

Killing three birds with one stone

Through my two-year solo cycling adventure, I intend to:

– Fulfill my dream of cycling around the world
I have always wanted to take a trip around the world on my bicycle. Now that my
children are all grown up, I cannot think of a better time to tick this item off my bucket
– Get to know the global cycling community
The cycling community is a great community and I have made many new friends
through it! This trip saw me being hosted by my fellow members of the Warm Shower
– Raise funds for vulnerable children
I hope to raise funds to give children in need the access to education. All funds raised
will go to World Vision Malaysia’s Education Fund that seeks to address barriers to
education and improve the quality of children’s education.

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Peter Yoong, a cycling enthusiast currently on a two-year solo cycling tour around the world. As part of his trip, he will be raising funds to give vulnerable children access to education through World Vision Malaysia’s Education Fund.

Find out more at https://www.simplygiving.com/withloveiride.

Email: withloveiride207@gmail.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peter.yoong/

Join my ‘With Love I Ride’ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1810195412626719/


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