CHAPTER2 Bikes Landed in Malaysia


28th July, Puchong – CHAPTER2 Bikes made a grand entrance into Malaysia and pleased to announce a dealership with One Cycling Industry Sdn Bhd to introduce and grow the bicycles to the Malaysian community.

The owner and product director of CHAPTER2 Bikes, Michael Pryde made his presence felt by giving a presentation on CHAPTER2 Bikes products to the attendees.

Michael Pryde

CHAPTER2 was created by Michael Pryde inspired by his years of dedication to design and cycling. From the time he started racing BMX as a kid, he has pursued his passion for competitive cycling for almost 4 decades, having raced at the highest level in both DH/XC and Road.

The design and development of CHAPTER2’s first offering took over 2 years of design and engineering from concept to realization. Michael is meticulous with his designs and quality control to ensure that his creations matched his stringent performance and quality standards and this is reflected in the introduction of the TERE.

All CHAPTER2 frames use a mixture of T700 and T800 grade carbon from Toray® and 3K directional reinforcement in all joint areas to ensure stiffness and provide performance.

Each area of the frame has been carefully considered and engineered for performance. CHAPTER2 frames use molded Polyurethane / Expanded Polystyrene mandrels in key areas such as BB, dropouts, head tube, seat tube and chainstays that carefully control the wall thickness to meet the required manufacturing tolerances in dimension, alignment and strength to weight ratio.

Aerodynamics is at the core of CHAPTER2’s performance strategies, with extensive testing at Auckland University’s Wind Tunnel. However, different technologies are employed in different ways to create the desired aerodynamic advantages.

The TERE uses Kamm-tail sections to create a stiff and nimble structure due to the inherent structural qualities of the highly engineered tube sections, delivering a light yet aero frame. However, if out and out aerodynamic performance is what you are searching for, the RERE uses a more conventional yet finely tuned aero profile in specific locations, to slice through the air.

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CHAPTER2 Bike is available at One Cycling Industry.

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