Eddie See, The Survivor


You have seen it in the movies, someone grasping their chest in pain, and no one perceives what is happening. Having himself nestled in the duvet, Eddie was sleeping safe and sound. Never had he thought of suffering the scariest indication in his life, let alone a severe pain in the chest.

“I felt as if a huge rock was falling upon me. Instantly, I asked for my wife, she drove me to the nearest hospital and unfortunately, I was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. I could still reminisce the scene vividly. It was a night in 2007, the sky was dark. Having experienced this was going to make me remember for the rest of my life.” Eddie recalled.

Yes. If you attempt to search for his name on Google, it would be no surprise to find out who this high-minded guy is. Born and raised in Malaysia, one should recognize this well-known comic artist, Eddie See, who is the chairman of Pinko Creative introducing the debut of <Ge Mei Lia> in 1997 and began monthly publishing in 2003.

Famously known as a Mandarin-based comic in Malaysia, Eddie’s comics are also popularly widespread to all local Malaysian Chinese mostly students and parents, at the same leading children to a wave of reading comics in the market.

However, the 51-year-old man behind the beautiful portrayal of family and friendship, love and support, is a survivor of coronary heart disease 10 years ago.


“While I was on my way to hospital, I prayed. In the meantime, a thought went up to my mind. This can’t be me. I can’t leave my children behind.” Eddie spoke while bringing the memory to mind. However there are some of the prominent comic artist Eddie’s stories you might not have thought of.

Approximately 20 years ago, Eddie did not land on his satisfying career before experiencing all kinds of jobs such as a lifeguard, a swimming instructor and a graphic designer. Regardless, he would always work hard to strive for his childhood dream – a comic artist. “Drawing has been my flair. Since I was still a kindergarten boy, I had always won drawing competitions.” Eddie proudly said.

Ironically, he studied Fine Art during his college time, but decided to stop trying midway. “Fine Art was not my thing.” Although Eddie understood that it’s not easy to pursue his dream, he did not give up.

After that, the ambitious young man worked in a publishing house, and took the responsibility to illustrate children’s books, at the same time seizing the opportunity to improve his drawing skills.

The job also led to one of those lightbulb moments when Eddie thought he could publish his own comics. “While all types of comic themes such as Science, Mystery, Romance have been taken by others, why don’t I publish something for the early readers?” Eddie recalled.

Therefore, the widely-known Chinese comic targeted to primary school students was born.


On the contrary, the 30-year-old Eddie had not been practising a healthy lifestyle. He liked to consume alcoholic drinks, oily food and meat. Not having regular exercise also caused his coronary artery to become narrowed by a gradual build-up of fatty material.

The sedentary routines have also triggered a clot that blocked his coronary artery. After getting an injectable anticoagulant, Eddie underwent two heart surgeries and survived.

If you survived a heart attack, you may feel worried and overwhelmed. You probably have a lot of questions in your head. In order to prevent heart disease, one must have regular exercises. To a heart attack survivor like Eddie, doing exercises is to reduce heart disease risk. Otherwise, the chance of getting it would be higher. It is a combination of proper diet and daily routines.

Undeniably, Eddie’s health took a scary turn, but one that set the stage for a new, healthier way of life. As he was brought back to life, he embarked on his cycling journey. Circa 4 to 5 years ago, Eddie moved to a residential area with very few passing vehicles. While the quiet road was ideal for biking, this heart attack survivor enabled him to brave the element of cycling.

From sharing his biking diaries on Facebook, receiving suggestions from his Facebook followers to being approached by his readers, eventually, the like-minded personalities gathered and started cycling together. As the number of cyclists increased, the cycling group became bigger. “I am currently with Magnum Cycling Team. Every Thursday night and Saturday morning, we would cycle from Lekas Highway to Seremban for 60km. Sometimes, our route also includes Broga Hill.” Eddie further elucidated.

Initially, he started with short distances. However, he would not stop completely whenever he felt tired but pedalled for more. Carrying on for another 10 seconds makes a big difference, and that’s how he gets better and faster. As time goes by, he decided to participate in century ride as he wished to challenge his endurance.

“I took part in Melaka, Perak, Selangor, Kuantan, Pahang, HatYai Century Rides, and I was persistent to complete the whole route with my Pinarello Road Bike.” Eddie spoke, as he told us that safety should always come first. Success depends on your strength, and you should not push yourself too hard.

After going through his roller-coaster ride, from surviving heart attack, picking up cycling to grasping the importance of living a healthy lifestyle; there is one thing he will always keep in mind – live life to the fullest. “The working adults, especially. When it comes to making health a priority, they are solely lacking.

Many think they live healthily, but their diet, sleeping habits, pressure tell an entirely different story. Family first, but having a work-life balance is key to living a healthy and happy life. Also, exercise is not only done when you are free, but you should find time to do it.” Eddie concluded.

In fact, it is not new to hear sudden deaths due to apparent heart attacks in athletes. The scenario has repeated itself throughout the ages. In the entire athletic community, these tragedies may be difficult for some to accept, but in order to avoid cardiovascular disease, a thorough assessment of many facets of your life should be done. If anything is true, it is that health should be number one, because without it, nothing in life is achievable.


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