Commuting it Correctly

The whole of KL and PJ is just a cycle ride away. How about the percentage of people cycling to work? We can’t argue that it is still at an infant stage.

But we have laid out the following fundamental reason on why the cycling to work community in Malaysia will grow exponentially:

  • The percentage of cyclists have been increasing over the years
  • It is understandable that more people use the public transport. However, the distance to the station remains a hassle
  • To cycle a distance between 1km to 10km (below 45 minutes) are acceptable to Malaysians
  • Looking stylish in the saddle is now a possibility
  • The pairing of jeans, t-shirt with blazer presenting a casual, smart look is gaining a warm acceptance in the business environment
  • A combination of aesthetic value and high security parking designer bike racks can be installed in offices, SOHO and SOFO
  • Car parks are often limited and more expensive
  • The Malaysian government implementing cycling friendly lanes. E.g., 12.5km dedicated bike lane in Queensbay Mall, Penang



A bicycle for daily usage – opt out for quick release component for security reasons

Helmet – keeps your head protected with good ventilation in the Malaysia weather. No more clunky helmets, stylish bike helmets are created for the fashionably conscious

Eye protection – lighter-colored lenses help to enhance contrast when it’s cloudy, and in the low light of dawn or dusk. Darker polarized lenses reduce sun
glare and strained eyes.

Clothes – light weight and breathable, smell proof characteristic

Pants – cycling to work pants are available in Malaysia

Shoes – cycle to work shoes with SPD shoe cleats and it meets our daily walking needs.

For convenience sake, we tend to opt for our working pants when we cycle to work. It is dangerous if you do not choose suitable pants during your daily trips to work as your long pants may be caught at the bike chain. Worry not, there are several things below you can do to avoid from being caught in a chain stuck situation:

  1. Roll up the pant-leg on the gear-side high enough to stay away from the crank ring.
  2. Wear tight fitting cycling pants that don’t flap.
  3. Use braces as you have, or clips such as these to keep your flappy pants close enough to your legs.
  4. Stuff the pant-leg on the gear side in your socks.

The above ways can keep you safe but it is not a look in which most cyclists would prefer.

Plenty of cyclists who commute to work will experience “jeans-saddle rubbing”, inevitable holes and tears in pants. This is a common occurrence as normal pants are not designed for frequent cycling as there is high friction between the saddle and the leg area.

Resist friction and ride in style with pants designs that are catered to cyclists everywhere.


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