Duo Bike Tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai

Source: Ras Angela

“You’ll never know your journey unless you keep moving forward.”

Date: 16th to 18th November 2016
Location: Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, Thailand (round trip)
RIDE: Approx. 374KM  //  ELEVATION: 3,600M

Chiang Rai means “Old City” is located at the northern most of Thailand. Founded in 1262 as part of Lao, the capital of Mengrai Dynasty retains a strong Lanna cultural identity. Chiang Rai became a Siamese territory in 1786 and a Thailand province in 1910. The areas around the main landmark, the Golden Clock Tower is gradually developing.
Source: Ras Angela

JC and I challenged ourselves with our first bike tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. The trip would take us an estimated 374kilometers in 3 days. We learnt the art of packing light on our bicycles. Not to fret, Hotels in Chiang Mai generally provide baggage storage service.

Our plan on the first day was a 100km ride from Chiang Mai to Wiang Pa Pao on Highway 118. We recommend you to take a short detour to visit this ancient yet beautiful temple, Wat Phratat Doi Saket. Located around 20km from Chiang Mai, visiting hours at the temple are up to 5pm daily. Unfortunately, we missed the oppurtunity to visit Wat Phra That Mae Chedi in Wiang Pa Pao due to a minor accident.

Be entertained at the night bazaars and live jazz musics bars in Chiang Rai. If you arrive early in the morning, you may also hire a long-tail boat to admire the scenery along both sides of the Mae Kok riverbank.

The last day was a challenge as we had to cycle a total of 190km. The route started off with a 140km ascend. The climb could hit a 28% elevation but lucky for us, the journey was blessed with minimal traffic and polite road users.

Our return journey took us less than 8 hours of riding time. One of the most important lesson we learnt was effective scheduling and time management. Unless you’re willing to take on cycling in the dark in a foreign city. Lucky for me, it was an incredibly memorable trip since I found an adventurous friend to take on the journey together!

Source: Ras Angela

“Two is enough to make a team to complete any road trip”


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