1st Twinsters Women MTB Jamboree 2015


This 30km cycling event, organized by Twinie Co, saw a participation of 350 cyclists. Whilst it may have rained during the flag off at 8am, the women kept going and didn’t stop encouraging one another to complete the course.

The main objective of this jamboree was to encourage women to partake in more MTB events, and it certainly has accomplished that through the success of this event.

Present at the event was Dr. Azman, the Enforcement Officer of Paya Indah Wetlands. It was proudly sponsored by Twitter, Deuter, Wella, Bikeaway, Velocity, HRM, Temasya Crankers, Cycle Stream, Motorshot, Proucell, Jakel, Mountain Biker, Ciclistar, Sukebike.

The Elite women category winners were as follows:
1. Ainnurulhuda Rusli
2. Nurdeena Safia
3. Junainah Asma


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