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XDS EVO 920 Folding Bike 18 Speed

What is the purpose of you getting a new bike? Commuting, touring, racing, or leisurely riding with your friends, cycling buddies during the weekends?...

Avillion Cultural Ride 2018 Saw 1500 Participants

14th October 2018, Negeri Sembilan - Organized and hosted by Avillion Hotel Group, 1500 participants turned out for the 2nd Avillion Cultural Ride 2018...


Welcome To SiDI

What has made SiDI the company we know today?SiDI began in a revolutionary time when everything had to be built from scratch and loads...

Pedalling Gangwon Province


BMX Flatland Rider Taslem Raziff On His Ambition

The Kuantan-born BMX flatland rider, Taslem Raziff is no stranger to the BMX scene in Malaysia. The 30-year-old's performance at the 2019 SEA Games Philippines...

Where Is Anuar Manan?


Sandakan – Kinabatangan Eco Cycling Tour

State: SabahSabah consists of five divisions, namely, Tawau, Sandakan, Kudat, West Coast and Interior. The divisions are subdivided into administrative districts. There are a...