Issue 50

Issue 50 of Cycling Malaysia Magazine is now on digital!

Here are the contents below:

Asian Track Championships 2018 In All Its Glory – Available to View Now!
* Catch The 2018 Asian Track Championships with track enthusiasts competing at the Velodrom Nasional Malaysia in Nilai from 16th to 20th February 2018.



Chee Yong’s Rehabilitation – Available to View Now!
* What has been happening to the young man after clinching the qualification for Ironman World Championship to Kona?




– Available to View Now!
* Watch how The Heroes of Enduro ended their 2017.



Eddy Khor –Defying all odds – Available to View Now!
* He is the personification of embracing life as much as you can. He did not let the fear of growing old to surround him.




How To Fuel Your Rides – Available to View Now!
Proper liquids to keep you hydrated and energized for action.




Racing In The 3rd Largest City In UAE – Available to View Now!
* Highlights of Sharjah Tour 2018 and TSG’s pre-race preparation.



Noor Quraataina Mamat – Girl Who Rocks BMX – Available to View Now!
* She has never imagined that there can be this day. A day that she became a national BMX racer.



Race goals, the off-season and the next season – Available to View Now!
* How Chris Yip sets his race goals, plans his off-season and the next season.



The Definition of Language When You Travel – Available to View Now!
Five definitions of language you don’t know about.




The Idea Behind Cycling Jerseys – Available to View Now!
* We tell you what a jersey can do for you and your ride.





SAY CHEESE! – Available to View Now!
* Cheese is wonderful for athletes, what are your favorite kinds of cheese, and how often do you eat them?