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Gearing Up! (Accessories)

Gearing Up! – Oct/Nov 2016

Syntace Force 109 120mm - RM253.00 A tough nut to crack, F109 is truly equipped with the Force—super lightweight in 31.8mm handlebar clamping diameter. The combination...

Gearing Up! – Oct/Nov 2015

Rudy Project Impulse Flip Up - RM1,589.00 Equipped with the Quick ChangeTM interchangeable lens technology, the Rudy Project Impulse Flip Up gives players and athletes...

Gearing up – Aug/Sept 2015

Iron Arm Bike Torque Wrench - RM262.14 (exclusive of GST)This go-to-tool measures torque precisely and avoids over tightening. No more stripping threads or damaging parts!...

Gearing Up! – Apr/May 2015

Profile Aerobar T4+ Carbon - RM679.00 Featuring a single position low rise ski bend extension for a neutral wrist angle, this forged aluminium aero bar is...

Gearing Up! – Feb/March 2015

Casco Sportiv TC - RM428.00The Sportiv TC is an all season helmet from German firm Casco. Featuring a fully ventilated design in a fully molded...

Gearing Up! – Dec/Jan 2015

720 Armour Dart (B304 B2-10) - RM625.00720 Armour’s Dart series is the perfect pair of eyeglasses for multi-discipline sports. Suitable for cycling, running and any...
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