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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Case Of The Misfit Call The Bike Doctor Very Quick!

World, National and State champions. Riders in all levels of ability and disability. They’ve come from all over the world to see Steve Hogg....

Ladies’ Choice – Women and Cycling

The Increasing Popularity Of Cycling On Malaysian Roads And Trails Has Also Seen An Increase In The Number Of Women Taking Up Cycling As...

Riding with the Teams

2015 marked the 20th edition of Le Tour De Langkawi. 2 Decades on, the show has evolved, with many changes taking place. The Cycling Malaysia Team covered the...

25 Years of MTB Suspension

Mountain bikers today take it for granted that their bikes will come with front and rear suspension that is easy to set up, adjust...

Vehicle of Marvels – The Touring Dimension

Bicycles as a mode of transport have been with us for well over a century. Many of us are familiar with bicycles for work, or...
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