TSG Academy – A Hub For Cycling Talents


Cycling has always been a huge part of our society. Booming at a substantial pace, cycling consisting of amateur and professional races has succeeded in many ways, proliferating all around the world.

20 years ago, the Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad introduced a bicycle race, Le Tour de Langkawi that has created champions from different places. These people were either unknown or had just begun making a name for themselves before finding success at the LTdL.

As the sport evolves, it has paved the way for the populace to pick up cycling, eventually leading them to be more driven and competitive. Ultimately, they have reached a number of milestones throughout their lives. From overcoming stumbling blocks to achieving triumphant results, Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG) has been proven as one of the most established professional cycling teams in Malaysia.

In 2018, TSG became the first Malaysian and East Asian team to win the LTdL after 23 years and ranked number 5 in UCI Asian Team ranking. To judge from its reputation and success, TSG is undeniably a real inspiration to the cycling fans. For fresh and young riders, TSG Academy will be a hub to tend and raise cycling talents of the future.

What is TSG Academy?

Based in Kuala Terengganu and managed by Terengganu Pro-Asia Cycling Team, TSG Academy is a platform to develop riders’ mental, physical, and their competitiveness for the future competition.

The new riders will be coached on discipline and attitude of being a professional rider before they are absorbed into the elite squad to pursue the TSG challenge at higher levels. The objective of the academy is to ensure the continuance of excellent young riders to replace TSG riders in the future.

Also, TSG Academy acts as a catalyst to produce quality riders to represent TSG team, the state, and the country. The establishment of this academy will help to provide career opportunities for former TSG riders as instructors to supervise the young riders to prepare themselves for future international challenges.

Beyond the bicycle, TSG to be the pioneer of the initiative 

Bicycles provide youth around the world easy access to schools, especially for underprivileged students in rural areas. The bicycle is the only mode of transportation for children to go to school.

In developed countries like the UK, Japan, Holland, Germany, many students cycle to school. However in Malaysia, due to the lack of cycling safety education, infrastructure like the bike path and budget to help underprivileged students to purchase bicycles, cycling in Malaysian schools is not popular like it should be.

Thus, TSG can be the pioneer in this initiative to bring safe cycling more accessible to Malaysian students.

TSG to become the best and most popular Asian cycling team

  • To date, TSG’s Facebook page has over 13,400 fans.
  • TSG’s Instagram has 20,300 followers versus other Asian teams (Team Ukyo, Tabriz Petrochemical Cycling Team, and Team Sapura Cycling have 6,535 combined).
  • TSG athletes’ Instagram accounts have close to 55,000 combined followers.
  • TSG is one of the most recognized professional sports teams in Malaysia.
  • TSG races throughout Asia from Japan, China, Southeast Asia to the Middle East over 15 countries each year.
  • TSG is a unique Asian team with athletes from Russia, Mongolia, Singapore, Eretria, South Africa, Malaysia. The only Asian team to have riders from Africa.

TSG’s Goals & Objectives

In the years to come, TSG targets to qualify TSG riders to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the qualification process starts 2019. Top-4 countries ranked UCI Asia Tour qualify to send athletes to Olympics road race and top 2 finishers of 2019 Asian Championship also qualify one rider for the Game. TSG was instrumental in qualifying 2 Malaysian athletes for the 2012 London Olympics.

In addition to making Terengganu the best cycling hub in Southeast Asia, TSG intends to provide an effective development program plan, towards upgrading TSG from continental team division 3 UCI to Pro continental team division 2 UCI. Each Pro continental team and the Pro tour team must have UCI development teams such as Astana Pro Team, Dracpac, Team Sky and other teams registered with UCI.

Last but not least, TSG strives for developing quality riders to bring Terengganu (TSG) challenges to the professional stage and provide riders for the country at major tournaments such as SEA Games, Asian Games, and Olympic Games.

Requirements for TSG Academy

1st year in 2019

  • Age 17 – 19 years old
  • Max 10 riders
  • Born in Terengganu
  • Min 2 – 3 years racing experience

2nd year in 2020

  • New intake, 15 – 16 years old
  • Max 10 riders
  • Born in Terengganu
  • 2 years racing experience

To pursue goals of being the best Asian cycling team, TSG will continue to participate in more than 20 UCI international races targeting GC and stage results with potential 800 points and top 3 Asian Team ranking. TSG Academy will also continue to acquire top international performers in UCI Asia Tour and propel TSG to top Asian Team ranking.


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