Kiduro To Organise Its First Push Bike Race


Event organizer, Kiduro (the kids division of GoEnduro) wants to evolve the cycling community, firstly the enduro mountain biking since year 2015, now the push bike (balance bike). 

From basic, bare-bones paths for novices to tricky, technical trails for experts, push bike is the root of all experienced, professional cyclists. Growing up, picking up a bike seems mandatory. As the children grow up, ultimately they are encouraged to take their own bikes from learning to balance, pedal, to race.

Rasydan Razali and Rafeq Ramli, the representatives of Kiduro, the brainchild of Kranky Kiara – one of the biggest enduro races in Kuala Lumpur recently spoke to us on how the team originated the idea of organizing Kranky Kids, its first push bike race, concept, objective, and everything within.

CM: How has the push bike community been over the years?

We won’t be able to speak on behalf of the community, but the community has been growing for the past three to five years. Undoubtedly, the most famous and premium brand for push bike is Strider. Strider Cup Malaysia has been organized for 11 times since its debut. Most of the races have been held within Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, in the past three years. From their first edition to date, they have attracted more than 200 participants every race.

CM: For those who have not known, this will be your first push bike race with timing chip system. How was the idea of organizing Kranky Kids originated?

Kranky Kids will be the first push bike race organized by Kiduro, second push bike race with a timer (the first one was held in Johor) in Malaysia. The purpose of having a timer is to precisely measure racers’ times. When the kids’ results are published on the website, the parents will be aware of their kids’ performances from every race. Getting to comprehend the kids’ racing times will make the race more exciting.

When the kids grow older, the parents are able to track the results on the website over the time. It could be a way to motivate the kids, starting from push bike, BMX, eventually to mountain bike or road bike. Although some parents may be skeptical about the big deal of putting a timer on the kids, the main intention is to allow the parents to keep an eye on the kids’ accomplishments and how they can make better.

Rasydan Razali

CM: How did you get the name – Kranky Kids?

We have been organizing Enduro Kiara since 2015, and 2017 edition, the Kranky Kiara was the biggest race. Initially, we wanted to hold a kids race at Kranky Kiara last year. Because when the adults were racing, there would be an empty space for the kids to ride. However, we did not have ample time to do so. Therefore, we decided to specify on kids race this year, hence the name.

CM: Tell me more about Kranky Kids. What is the objective?

Kranky Kids is, firstly, if you observe the local push bike scene, one of the most known clubs is Strider Malaysia. However, it only allows members who use Strider push bikes. There’re not many push bike races that are open to all brands. There are, but they are not as big as Strider. For that reason, we planned to organize a race, whereby any kid with a 12-inch wheel push bike, no pedals, regardless of brand, can enter the race. We don’t place a limit on certain brands but introduce a proper race format, which is having a timer in the race.

CM: Do you also wish that the young children be more competitive?

Yes. We want to encourage them to get involved and learn to compete in races since young. From scratch, they will be introduced to the racing scene. It is not about obtaining number 1, 2 or 3, it is about engaging in the drive and energy of the race. When the kids reach the finish line, cheering and handclapping from the spectators would push them forwards.

CM: What is the race concept?

Push bike races are typically carried out on cement, concrete and flat surface. Kranky Kids will be slightly different, as it will be conducted at 2Escape. The kids will be riding around inside and outside of the bike shop.

The kids will be separated by age groups – 2 years old, 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, and open (2 – 6 years old). At one time, they will be released in 6 races. The standard push bike races normally will have semi-finals and finals. However, Kranky Kids is rather different. We will go first and second hit, then straight to the final.

The younger kids will start early, while the older kids will start later in the afternoon. After the first, second hit, and final, we will immediately present the prizes.

Organizing it in 2Escape is idyllic because the venue won’t be congested with vehicles. We are sure that Kranky Kids will be the first push bike race that is held in a bicycle shop or a showroom.

Rafeq Ramli

CM: What makes Kranky Kids different from other push bike races?

First of all, the race venue itself is very cool. Aside from having the timing chip system, we also accept any push bike brands. With the timing chip system, the parents will be able to monitor their children and progress.

Starting from 2 years old, the results can be reviewed as the children grow older, until they become a more skilled cyclist. Instead of just going to races, they can understand the progress. The idea is similar to a report card of their biking journey, the results could get the children to train harder in the future.

CM: Why do you think that push bike will continue to grow in Malaysia? 

The cycling community in Malaysia is still developing. Thus, the best way to introduce kids to cycling is by a push bike, not using the four-wheel bike. Once they have outgrown their bike sizes, they can easily shift to a normal pedal bike. Especially there’re more races in the community, especially in Singapore and Thailand. Singaporeans are also seen coming to Malaysia to race. It is still a new sport in Malaysia, so there’s plenty of room to grow further.

CM: What are the potential scenes, besides Strider, have you observed?

We have seen many outdoor events across Malaysia, for instance, kids criterium bike races. And we foresee more events, like jamboree for kids with a push bike.

CM: In last July, 7-year-old Imran Ismail became the first Malaysian to win Strider Cup World Championship, would Kranky Kids be a platform to develop and raise more gifted riders to compete in international races?

Imran has been a very strong supporter of Strider since he’s small. We are not surprised that he won. We have seen him in many races. This (Kranky Kids) will absolutely be one of the platforms for the kids to familiarize, learn, and eventually, participate in international races.

CM: What encouragement and suggestion would you give to our readers who may be parents of talented children in joining Kranky Kid for the first time?

First and foremost, we appreciate the continued support from the parents and 2Escape. For those who are not familiar with the push bike, we welcome them to come and experience what is really happening. One of the main ideas of organizing this is also to get them, hang around, not only among the parents, but also the kids. Come and join us!

Kiduro Kranky Kids is organized by Kiduro and 2Escape and managed by GoEnduro.

Date: 8th December 2018
Venue: 2Escape
Time: 8.00am


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