Perlis: Majestic Tour and Harummanis


State: Perlis

2 DAYS 1 NIGHT – from RM150/pax {min. 2 pax}

Small town Perlis is not so small when it comes to adventures. We cycled to its many ends; we went back to its past to explore treasures and go the distance in the present to learn about that one fruit that makes the state’s economy boom with flavors.

Even though we landed a day early, we still had plenty to discover in Perlis. We headed to a Muzium Kota Kayang that was filled with its ancient history. From war-torn era treasures to old weapons such as the famous Keris, the museum quickly filled us with age-old stories. We also walked outside to the Indera Kayangan Fort that was built for the 15th Sultan of Kedah in the 16th century. A slow peaceful walk to wind down in the quiet city of Perlis was something you don’t get in the hustle and bustle of the city life.

To end the evening, we treated ourselves to an array of seafood and sweet jelly drink, all in the good view of a beautiful sunset. As we enjoyed the seaside view of the sunset, we could already feel the city’s simplicity. We saw the
b locals flying kites right in front of the sea. From the smallest kites for the children to the gigantic competitive kites for the grown-ups, it was an activity enjoyed by everyone.

We started our escapade from  1  KTM Arau. The sun was starting to heat the tarmac road and slowly causing small heat waves. But the city was still quiet and quaint. It was an easy ride through the main roads although safety was always practiced.

Our first stop was at 2 Galeri Diraja, Arau Perlis. As we entered, we quickly learned the rules and regulations of the gallery. Even the public must write a formal letter 2 weeks prior visitations and formal attire is a must—very royal indeed. The gallery was a treat on its own, from 3 bamboo bicycles to 4 fancy old British bikes with rust that paints an old age. There were even frames of pencil drawings of princes and princesses adding an even more nostalgic ambience in the room. Each room was fully furnished with hues of yellows with treasures protected in 5 glass casings. We even got to see old one dollar bills from around the world.

After spending a good amount of time exploring the depths of history, we continued cycling. We rode through the roads on a straight line until we reached our next destination, 6 Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Perlis. We met with the professors of the University who were there to show us the magic in the 7 Harummanis fruit, which can only be found in Perlis. The mango, green in colour had a sweet smell and tasted just as sweet, hence the name harum-manis. Before we headed to the tallest peak of the university to enjoy the delicious fruit, we were taken around the vicinity that is a world of its own.

UiTM resides in a 300-acre land with 200 acres allotted just for plantations. Called the Agro University, UiTM has nangka trees, cempedak trees, durian belanda trees, bamboo trees, over 10 different species of coconut trees and many more. They also breed 95 wild deers and five tame deers. Other than spotting the wild deers, we were given a chance to 8 feed the tame ones. We then cycled into the plantations to breathe in a scenic view. Acres of different plantations filled in the scenery.

As we were cycling towards the highest point of the University, it became harder to pedal from those mundane straight riding, so we switched gears and continued, enjoying the hard pedaling. We soon came to a spacious land with steel tents and there laid our prize for the hard climb—Harummanis fruit! We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it after listening to all the stories about it.

Perlis has a culture of eating pulut (made with glutinous rice and coconut milk) with these fruits. The sweet fruit perfectly complemented the pulut. Although small and delicious, the hard work invested in taking care of the trees until fruition is immense.

Harummanis is also known to be expensive. The market prices are RM20/kg but take note that just one Grade A Harummanis could easily weigh 1kg. That means you could be paying RM100 for just three pieces of fruits! The Harummanis tree could last for over 30 years, bearing at least one thousand fruits per year. However, the Harummanis fruit is seasonal and is only available from April to June. Moreover, it will take exactly three years for a tree to bear fruits after being injected with growth hormones, and the number of fruits increases, as the tree gets older. A Harummanis tree could bear maximum fruits by the time it reaches 15 years of age.

UiTM takes great care of their Harummanis plantation whilst giving the students the benefit to research on the abundant species that they have grown. Being the Agro Univeristy, UiTM has opened its door to public and has even given room for homestays. The vicinity is overlooking beautiful plantations that are all used for research purposes.

As we came to the end of the trip, we felt so full from all the Harummanis we got our hands on and all the knowledge that was imparted to us by the lecturers of UiTM. With the easy ride of 9.23km, this fun and educational cycling trip would definitely be a hit amongst students and families alike.

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