The New Polestar In Nilai

Track cycling has fascinated people for many centuries as far back as the Summer Olympic Games in 1896. Cycling on wooden indoor tracks has drawn large crowds over 100 years. When cyclists compete in races, this sport has always been a successful way of keeping people enthralled.

Back in August 2016, at Rio Olympic Games, a new hope was born. The entire Malaysia altogether spurred their motivating force on Azizulhasni Awang as he clinched Malaysia’s first Olympic Games cycling medal. Later in April 2017, this national track cycling ace, again, put up an intense ride en route to earning Malaysia’s first ever gold at the UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Hong Kong.

Have you ever wondered how it is truly like to be standing amidst the spectacular cycling track, wallowing in electrifying atmosphere when cyclists sprinting, and being surrounded by spectators cheering on their respective teams?

While you attempt to take a chill pill from getting flamed up by the fire of these rigorous cyclists speeding on the track, Cycling Malaysia takes you to the nation’s new cycling hub where you will experience the vibrancy.

The cycling track features 250-metre long with 42-degree banked bends and 13-degree banked straights.
BMX cycling track measuring 50m x 120m


A World-class Cycling Platform

From roadies to foldies, Malaysia has quickly become a mecca for cyclists of all stripes. While it is the off-road trails and bike lanes that everyone knows of, many have yet to realize the newly launched world-class track cycling venue.

Situated next to Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia, you will be hailed by the velodrome’s ample, free parking space adjacent to the building. Keep your head up. A box-shaped building portraying Jalur Gemilang is just right in front of you! It composes of alternating red, black, grey and white stripes along the facets, and the colour blue dominates the left corner bearing a striking yellow and white wordings – Velodrom Nasional Malaysia, The New Polestar in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan!

The velodrome began its construction back in January 2015, and was under the supervision of the Works Ministry. It was planned to produce more world-class cycling champions in the future, thus, the country was in need of building more topnotch sports venues and infrastructure. Today, Malaysians, you are welcomed to none other than The National Velodrome!

Graham Seers

Upon entering into the entrance hall, you will spot a miniature version of the new velodrome displaying in front of a meticulously designed reception counter. “Welcome to my care!” Greeted enthusiastically by Mr. Graham Seers, an Australian former cyclist, Olympian, champion in several track and road cycling races as well as a professional cycling coach for about 25 years. Currently, he is also the Development Director of Junior Cycling Malaysia (JCM).

Turn your head up slightly to the right. Get enticed by a silver bicycle which was once ridden by Azizul Awang! Access via the ticketing area, the cafeteria is alongside the reception area facing outdoor views. Outside of the velodrome, there is a BMX cycling track measuring 50m x 120m, which fits in the Union Cycliste Internationale’s standards and specifications, with a start hill that runs into a range of jump configurations.

It is an ideal area for a chat over a cup of coffee or two. Spin your wheels over here, relax and embrace the cozy atmosphere.


Introducing the mixed-use facilities

The velodrome will be more than just a track cycling facility and the common area will have capacity to cater for a range of additional uses through the provision of mixed-use amenities. The building will feature different levels. On the same level as reception area, it is a multipurpose floor consisting of a variation of convenience for athletes, coaches, employees as well as the visitors.

Saunter into a glass door. You will be led to an edgy room, the athlete’s lounge. Athletes can chill and kill time in this well-lit zone. Moving forward, you will be ushered into the athletes’ hostels, consisting of 5 rooms for males and another 5 for females. You will find 2 beds in every room. In addition, they get to relish television shows in their rooms.

State-of-the-art equipment to maximize riders’ workouts

Stroll into another glass door, where you will be led to the gymnasium, comprising a variety of new state-of-the-art equipment to maximize riders’ workouts. During their trainings or competitions, they can keep their belongings in the lockers room for safekeeping.

What’s more? The velodrome features other facilities, such as shower room, coaches’ room, administrative room, technical delegating room, media and journalist lounge as well as the VIP lounge. Besides, a conference room holding up to 50 people is designed in a boardroom style setup, providing tables, chairs and audio visual hook ups.

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