The Humble Bundle

It was ten sharp in the morning. The streets in Kemaman, Terengganu were already filled with passing cars coming through the direction from Kuantan, Pahang. The town was not bustling, but older generations were seen everywhere; be it having a cup of morning coffee, chitchatting with long-lost friends or reading newspaper in a serene coffee shop.

The area was not occupied with ultra-modern commercial building, but long-standing shop lots. A humble bike shop was spot in the midst of all. It did not matter whether you know something about the technical terms or bicycle language, the founder of Jaya Motor, Ong Cheng Hui would provide you with his anecdotes of working in an automobile industry for about 50 years.



Owner: Ong Cheng Hui

“Good morning! Please have a seat, and help yourself.” Ong welcomed us with his warmest smile. Instantly, we felt the vibrancy he has got for his humble bicycle shop, Jaya Motor in Kemaman, Terengganu.

An hour car drive from the capital of Pahang, Kuantan to Kemaman, it was no surprise seeing different vehicle registration plates. Even to Ong, his customers visit his shop all the way from other regions.

Back in 1968, Ong worked in partnership with his elder brother. Back then, their business was mainly selling motorcycles as well as providing the automobile repairs. Several years before the population of cyclists grew in Malaysia, the brothers focused on striving to organize the augmented automobile repair services.

Cycling is a growth sport in Malaysia. The insight into cycling community along with positive involvement from local and international events is a testament to the healthy state of the sport. With effort and dedication, in 1988, Ong went through the business separation agreement with his brother, then transformed it into another calling. As the name of the shop states, we could clearly understand the origin of Jaya Motor.

That was all Ong had to go through.Transforming the business from motorbikes, to bicycles over the years has not changed Ong’s business perspective, but his major concern was his targeted customers as well as salespersons.

“The situation of offering two kinds of services at the same time is quite frantic.” Ong explained. Since the change, occasionally, he would receive requests upon sponsorship for cycling events. “The boom has been well documented. There are event organizers seeking for my contribution.” Ong said while further elaborating that he would contribute
in this extensive sport as he perceives the benefits of cycling and how it affects the community.

Having engaged in the industry for a long time, Ong and his sons, however, are not into cycling. To Ong, he seldom gets himself on the two-wheel, whereas to his sons, they are the regular members of fitness center.

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