Fascinating Cycling Beach & Village of Masjid Tanah



State: Melaka

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Rise and shine! The whole setting at 1 Kampung Sri Tanjung Homestay was bathed in the warm and glowing sun. A village situated 24km away from Melaka Historic City, Sri Tanjung Homestay allows visitors to experience the essence of kampong way of life through the beauty of living in harmony with the nature, in traditional “Rumah Melayu” (Malay House) tucked among greeneries. It is managed under the administration of the Melaka State Government and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. We truly appreciated the culture of Melaka village.

After fueling up with scrumptious breakfast, we began our ride at Taman Masjid Tanah. Getting to 2 Masjid Tanah, a subdivision in Alor Gajah took us less than 5 minutes. The name of Masjid Tanah originates from the mosque that was made from soil by a Sheikh from Gujerat in 1800.

Further ahead it was Pengkalan Balak, we rode for another 10km to 3 Tanjung Bidara Beach. The environment of this gently sloping beach instantly struck us. The sand was white and the breeze was soothing. The beach is also equipped with various facilities such as car park, children’s playground, surau, food courts, public toilets and bathrooms.

Only 2 minutes’ walk from Tanjung Bidara Beach, tourists can relish the seaside at Tanjung Bidara Beach Resort too! Overlooking the Straits of Melaka, the laid-back, beachfront resort is just 1km from 4 Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi (Al-Khawarizmi Astronomy Complex), the biggest astronomy complex in Malaysia. Built in 2002, it was named after Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khawarizmi, a renowned astronomer in the c780-850. The complex houses an astronomy museum with an observatory, 3D theatre education centre and planetarium with accommodations and training facilities. If you are an astronomy enthusiast, this complex is for you to gain insights into planets in the universe, including the cycle of the moon that regulates prayer times, fasting, the Hajj, navigation and so on. Don’t forget to take a glimpse of the 3kg palm-sized meteorite, try the spacesuit and see the sun closer and clear than you have ever seen through the solar telescope.

The scientific study of the solar systems and everything else in the universe amazed us! Another 2km along the narrow coaster road was the Department of Fisheries Melaka’s 5 Turtle Conservation and Information Centre at Padang Kemunting. The centre is involved in the conservation and monitoring of turtles on the coast of Melaka. The small but informative centre is opened to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. It houses an exhibition hall and an audiovisual room that provide knowledge to the public on marine turtles and painted terrapins. During our visit, two hawksbill turtles were kept in a pool for conservation and would be released to the sea once they reached maturity. It was a rare experience to have the opportunity to feel and touch these precious little creatures!

Cycling along the 6 Kemunting Beach was chilling and relaxing with village view on our right and sea view on the other side. That’s not all. The road led us to the beach where local fishermen bringing home their fresh catches every day. We mingled with the fishermen while watching them sorting out their catches and listening to them sharing their experience in the sea and knowledge on fishes. It is an ideal place to relax with friends and family while enjoying grilled fishes from several stalls along the beach.

Rolling 5km ahead, we arrived at another subdivision, 7 Kuala Sungai Baru. It is the nearest town to Masjid Tanah. The economic activity in Kuala Sungai Baru is mainly fishing, where fishing boats are seen parking at the riverbank of the town. Fishmongers from all across Melaka visit here regularly for fresh sea products. This small little town is also a popular film set for movie and TV series. You may chance upon actors and actresses on set when visiting here.

From the fishing town, the bright and clear weather led us to a seaside village 5km down the road. 8 Kampung Hilir is a village with approximately 400 people. We visited a wooden house and spoke to a pair of old couples. The main inhabitants of the village are Bugis and Malay originated from Java and Riau. Mostly of them are self-employed in rubber tapping, farming, fishing, running small businesses with the rest working in private and government sectors.

The coaster routes of this cycling tour took us to another beach, 9 Pantai Tanjung Dahan. This is the only location in Melaka where wooden fishing boats are made. Unlike fiberglass fishing boats, wooden fishing boats are cheaper to make but require regular maintenance. A 2km short ride further down the road is the 10 Kuala Linggi Fort. Once known as Supai Hill Fort during the Dutch occupation, the fort is located on the upper river bank at the right side of the estuary of Linggi River near to the beach of Straits of Malacca. The construction of the Kuala Linggi Fort was a sign of reconciliation between the Bugis and Netherlands. It enabled the Dutch to monitor the movement of their enemies and as a defense from attacks.

The fort was also once referred as the Filipina Fort named after the daughter of the Governor General of the Dutch East India Company and Broken Cannon Fort when a broken cannon was found after the fort was abandoned by the Dutch. Today, a number of reproduction cannons are placed around the fort. A seafood restaurant is built next to the fort for guests to enjoy fresh seafood and appreciate the fort and Straits of Malacca at the same time.

We ended our cycling tour at the 11 Desa Balqis Beach Resort. It is an ideal sanctuary for those who plan to have a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unique and contemporary designed wooden houses are perfect for team building, family gathering and wedding. It was really a serene ambience for us to indulge in after a 37km ride. This cycling tour is suitable for family and riders of all ages. The routes are smooth and flat. Astronomy, turtles, breathtaking sea sides, last but not least, fishing communities are all yours!

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