Kota Tinggi Bike Ride



State: Johor

HALF DAY – from RM93/pax + GST (min. 10pax)
Beauty and history reside in Kota Tinggi, located around 42 kilometers northeast of Johor Bahru. It’s a town that cradles history in its quaint fishing villages, lush tropical rainforest and great sandy beaches.

The sunny morning filled the atmosphere with great enthusiasm that we excitedly hopped on our bicycles.It was time to venture out and explore the best of Kota Tinggi!

We started off from the main town of Kota Tinggi, which had two different views on each side. The murky waters were calm with boats tied up to the jeti. 1The Tun Sri Lanang Jetty hosts evening trips to watch the fireflies sparkle among the bushes, changing the entire landscape into 45 minutes of magical journey.

Look across the jetty and you find the sleepy town being awakened by the opening of the shutters of the shops.

Dubbed as the 2 Mini Kelantan, this entire vicinity is filled with textile shops. Rows and rows of baju kurungs that cater to the Johorians put on a peacock show and the best display gets the customers in. Comprised of sellers mainly from Cambodia and Vietnam, their textiles are brought in by lorry. The name Mini Kelantan came due to the neighboring village that was called the Kampung Kelantan. From here, we cycled 4.23km to our next destination, the 3 Makam Sultan Mangkat Di Julang. The road led us to a quieter housing area of colourful wooden houses. We reached the cemetery, a famous historical tomb in Kota Tinggi, and it was quieter than the usual. A yellow building was erected right in the middle, with a few tombstones behind. It held a story for sure. The interior of the yellow building was clean, and rectangular carved floors with a bed of white pebbles with royal tombstone were found. Herein sleeps the last ruler of Johor, Sultan Mahmud Shah II.

As we inspected the interior, a middle-aged man, with heavy Johorian accent was filling us up on the folklore. Jealousy, deception, revenge and a final indispensable curse were the themes of the unfortunate tale. The story begins: a former Palace Officer who was jealous of the Admiral (Laksamana) Megat Seri Rama from Bintan took revenge on his heavily pregnant wife, Dang Anum when the Admiral went off to war. He deceived her by letting her eat a piece of the jackfruit that was meant for the Sultan.


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