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Friday, February 23, 2018

It’s Cryin’ Out Loud! Service Your Freehub

Do your wheels feel rough or sticky when you give them a spin? It’s time to glove up, examine the hub, and give it...

Sticky No More – Suspension Fork Maintenance

Stop taking your fork seals/dust wipers for granted when it comes to maintenance, just because they’re working as they should. You’re doomed for a...

Changing to Butterfly Bars

Butterfly bars are favoured amongst touring cyclists, giving more hand positions while riding than classic drop bars or straight bars. This can be important...

Derailleur Adjustment

Derailleurs Are Responsible For The Smooth Movement Of The Chain Across A Bike’s Chainrings, And Consequently See A Lot Of Wear And Tear, And...

Derailleur Adjustment

Derailleurs are responsible for the smooth movement of the chain across a bike’s chainrings, and consequently see a lot of wear and tear, and...
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