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Friday, February 23, 2018

Foot Matters! – Diagnostic Tips & Quick Fixes (Part 4)

BIKE FITTING ISSUES Throughout my bike fitting career, feet numbness and pain are customers’ number-one enemies when it comes to cycling discomfort. We have covered...

Oh My Toes! – Diagnostic Tips & Quick Fixes (Part 3)

Throughout my bike fitting career, I can say that having toe numbness is the most common issue that cyclists complain about when they came...

No Pain No Gain – Are You Sure Though? (Part3)

BODY WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION AND PAINFollowing the previous article where we addressed the different kinds of pain and discomforts caused by anatomy irregularities that need...

Choosing the Fastest Bike – Are You Sure It Will Ride Fast?

Buying the fastest bike in the shop is a common yet very expensive mistake for first-time road bike buyers, though some seasoned cyclists looking...

Peloton Etiquette

Peloton  ˌpe-lə-ˈtän , ˈpe-lə-ˌtän  noun: peloton; plural noun: pelotons 1. the main field or group of cyclists in a race. From the French, literally, small ball, derivative of platoon First Known...
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